A Marvellous Spoken Party

Writing is a lonely occupation, which makes it all the more wonderful when one is presented with the opportunity to collaborate. I first met Simon Le Vans in the early 90s when he booked Katrina and The Boy for a gig at his college. We kept in distant contact over the decades, including a notable evening at "Starsky and Hutch", where he impressed me with his word perfect singalong to "Rappers Delight". He was the Senior Presenter on Gaydar Radio, holds the role of Senior Presenter at "This is Electric", is a long-serving DJ at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and continues to pack nightclub floors and work the sound for the cabaret acts. I was delighted to learn that he had bought and enjoyed a copy of "A Marvellous Party", and was beyond thrilled when he agreed to collaborate on some audio recordings of particular sections. At our first meeting, I was both excited and inspired by his vision for the project, which would incorporate sound effects, news clips and samples to enhance the listening experience. The results, I believe, truly speak for themselves. Thank you, Simon, for your beautiful work, your creativity and the absolute pleasure of your company.

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