When I was at school, the only prizes I ever won were for music, poetry, art and, on one notable occasion, needlework.

Anything to do with the arts, I was into.  A soldier, policeman or fireman I was never going to be.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of labours...which never felt like labours at all, just A MARVELLOUS PARTY!


"A Marvellous Party", a ticklish memoir of brief but close encounters with legends from the world of entertainment, is Ian's first and maybe only book. It is an open love letter to the gay community, a tribute to personal heroes and heroines, and a tip of the gratitude hat to the queer icons who led him from where he was to who he is…

Out, proud and usually tucked up in bed by 10.


"Josh's Wall" is a play created for three mid-teen actors.

At a running time of 20 minutes, including monologues for all, it is perfect for GCSE drama examination.

The play focuses on a group of friends and their response to the death of a contemporary in sudden and unforeseen circumstances.

Over the course of the piece, they struggle to deal with the shock, recall moments of loss, and re-evaluate their friendship.

With moments both comic and poignant, it is both challenging and rewarding for performers and audience alike.

Available online from Lazy Bee Scripts.


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